a pair of spray-paint cans, one on its side.

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  1. i found five for five thanks to this page. i cant get into irc but it's probably on me. so i leave a message here
    — rumi [link],
  2. <3
    — Probable Cause,
  3. I was curious and the url was fun.
    — Echo,
  4. it was nice perusing your site!
    — alice,
  5. Heyoos, this is fn retro af, nice one :D
    — milkii [link],
  6. hey cool site
    — Rick [link],
  7. <3
    — winter [link],
  8. Message (optional)
    — seb [link],
  9. Cool site, probs cooler people :3
    — Sebs,
  10. :3
    — Miku Petrichor,
  11. sussy
    — amon gus,
  12. i came to the uk and when i came back i was trans (i was still trans before going but now i am more trans, help)
    — zoe!,
  13. uhhhhh hi
    — ecs [link],
  14. hey thanks for the digital saline I’ve been feeding it to my egf and she rlly likes it
    — Greysea,
  15. Cool and Based Website Made by Cool and Based Entities. I use it to O[WUEl and othersuch. It makes me think of a time I wasn't alive for, that to me is represented by the ethereal vibe of a pepsi vending machine in an arcade where I'm Blue is on.
    — TheInimitableQAG,
  16. I'm p sure u beefed the backend code cos i can just put like, <em>my own tags in here</em>; or whatev- ah piss. Well, that's fine i suppose.
    — haxx0r_69 [link],
  17. wow this website is super cool i bet all the people who made it are really sexy
    — R [link],
  18. uhhhhhh,,,, dick?
    — bob dylan,