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APL2 at a Glance


This book introduces the programming language APL2. APL2 is an extension to and generalization of the programming language APL.

APL2 is an ideal language for solving business, engineering, and scientific problems in an interactive computer environment. With this book you learn APL2 by concentrating on the data structures and programming techniques needed to solve these problems. You’ll see how to use APL2 to manage data, to model environments, and to state complex relationships and solve equations.

APL2 at a Glance presents APL2 and demonstrates its distinguishing features (particularly its use of arrays of arrays and user-defined operators). It is divided into eight chapters, each of which includes numerous examples to demonstrate the ideas presented. Each chapter also includes exercises to provide practice in applying the information covered.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned programmer, you’ll appreciate the emphasis here on the language and its applications. This book gives you a solid basis for good APL2 programming practices and style.

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APL: The Language and Its Usage

A complete and comprehensive presentation of the language intended for the problem solver. This book is organized to enable users to solve real and significant problems as they are introduced to APL functions and concepts.

PRENTICE HALL, Englewood Cliffs, N.J. 07632

ISBN 0-13-038670-7