The Frog Zone - Poetry

This place is gonna be for me to post cringe on main/post poems. I am physically incapable of writing much more about these because we all know expressing yourself using poetry is 4 dorks, but fuck you, I wrote them and some of them aren't even to the tune of the same sea shanty. There are way more, but you aren't getting them until someone specifically asks, because god if it isn't metaphysically suffocating to post

Frog Poem

I saw a frog one time

I met a little frog
as once I walked a'night
it stood stock still alone
its' flint-eyes thick as fog
Defiant in the lamlight

In Magan

I wrote a lot of poems a couple years back about being aromantic, and this little fantasy doggerel style thing is maybe my favourite

"You humans are a funny folk"
Spake elf from far Magan
"To say you love each other
as we do love the land."

"Surely you are jesting?"
Went the barman's simple question
"Alas, and are you not?"
Spake elf from far Kalot.

"No - It is to us a simple thing,
To love yet as you love to sing"
A puzzlement fell then on him
No words came yet forthcoming.

"It is a mystery to me,"
Said he of flow'ring lea,
"How such a love can be -
so peculiar to see.

I cannot love another,
As friends and kin and brother,
And yet I love those still,
With all my heart and skill

So tell me - do I differ?
Whose love goes only thither,
and finds itself no ring
With which to be bound in?"

"Aye, but no-wise wrong
is it, my friend (ere long),
To take such loves as those,
As bind only in song.""