an image of some cat ears, bright pink whiskers, and a mouth with big teeth. the teeth are stained with pink blood. there is text that reads feral pansy. the cat mouth is chomping on the word pansy writing projects digital battlevest

i enjoy writing as an outlet. i tend to write one of two things: philsophical and political opinion pieces/informal essays, and debauched smut that exists primarily for me to just write about the shit in my brain

philosophy and politics

history never ends

no rehabilitating the family

on objects, permanence, and museums

rambling from the dissertation madness zone


does it hurt

do you know what you’ve called into existence?

haiku, february 2023

haiku II, february 2023

i can’t believe this is happening

still not enough

smut fiction

fucking the bully, pt. 1

two university lab partners who do not get on have the tension come to a head. m/m, one trans guy, use of homophobic slurs, hatesex, semi-public unprotected sex, and some light misgendering.

good boy, sex toy

a threeway scene in which a puppyboy is a good little toy for his two dommes. f/f/m, all characters trans. petplay, breeding, voyeurism, mild cucking vibes

opal marsh’s travelling show

a young, somewhat sheltered elf attends the travelling show of a halfling named opal marsh. f/f, f/m, f/m/m. vague high fantasy setting, elves, orcs, centaurs, halflings, wargs, dragons, dryads. monsterfucking, impossible size difference, voyeurism, exhibitionism, dubious consent, magic-assisted all the way through penetration

paint me

using wax to paint on a sub. genders unspecified, written in 1st/2nd person. wax play, masochism, pain bottoming, crying, blindfold, restraint, mild references to cnc, caning and thuddy impact, photographing during sex

rituals of pain

The Priestess conducts her yearly ritual to ensure a good harvest for the village/town and it’s Faron’s first ritual as a vessel. unspecified vague fantasy/medieval-ish setting with an unspecified vague religion. f/m, knifeplay, blood, wax, flogging, caning, impact, bondage, forced intoxication, religious ceremony