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Gender Delenda Est

About Me:

Hi! I'm Rowan [they/them]--honestly you probably know me already, but if you don't, here's a quick introduction (and a little picture).

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I'm a sometime musician, programmer, sociologist, and general botherer. I grew up near Edinburgh, Scotland and went to university in Cambridge, England, where I first studied music and then sociology.

In my spare time I am an anarchist, transsexual, and otherwise make a problem of myself. I enjoy rollerskating and terrible 90s media.

These days I'm back in Scotland, doing my best to make myself a little bit of space to do fun creative projects.

Where To Find Me:

get my card via $ curl!

For my sins I can be found on various parts of the internet:


I'm trying to recover from my posting brain, so hopefully you'll see me less on the big social media sites in the future. I'm looking into some alternative, more personally-run methods for communication, so if you know me properly and want to keep up more, drop me a line somewhere!