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Gender Delenda Est

Some Stuff I like on the Web

The XXIIVV Webring

I'm not affliated with this crowd at all, but IMO there's some pretty cool people on this webring with some nice projects that are worth looking at. It's maintained by Devine over at

I'm also a big fan of what Lizbeth is doing over at

Old Internet Stuff is a fantastic resource for all sorts of ephemera from the old BBS days: lots of early hacker work, ascii art, and weird artifacts of that culture. If you're interested in internet history I'd really recommend having a poke around.

The A/N/N/A/R/C/H/I/V/E is another solid collection of old computing stuff, including lots of old DOS games, magazines, articles and other cultural artifacts from the early days of computing. Again, worth a look for the historians.

Guides, Tools, and Stuff


My site uses local fonts to avoid transmitting unnecessary files, but in my offline life I'm a bit of a type nerd. The designers at do some great open-source type work--if you're looking for some type to set your poster/publication/etc, they're a pretty good place to start.

Making Websites

We've migrated our site to using the bagatto static site generator, which is a really nice little tool written in Janet, a language I honestly find a joy to code.

Autumn has made a rust-based parser for Textile, which we've now integrated into the website, so a lot of the shared space is written in the prettiest markup language going!